DeWitt Barnes & Noble Kick-off Event

                            Storyteller Vanessa Johnson Presents:

                        Our Storied Lives

    An interactive  Community Story Performance In Celebration
of Gabrielle Zevin’s The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

We all have those moments that change our lives forever! A chance meeting, a wisdom spoken and received, a connection made with an unlikely ally – we are collected works of transformations over a lifetime! Come hear some of the pivotal moments in Griot (a storyteller in the West African Tradition) Vanessa Johnson’s life….and share your own magical moments in this upbeat, lively, and interactive Community Storytelling Celebration!


Vanessa Johnson is a Griot, a storyteller in the West African Tradition. She is a quilter, fiber artist, community educator, museum consultant, activist, writer, playwright, actor, and vocalist. Ms. Johnson typically uses her art forms and her voice to tell traditional tales from Africa and from the African Diaspora.